Clearwater began life as a 300 word piece of Flash Fiction more than 10 years ago.

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Lots of great critique from my fellow writers in Cincinnati, including the extremely talented Doug Spak!

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In the opening scene Ely Lundgren dies while ice fishing out at Clearwater. Research needed!

Watch a video to learn about ice fishing!

Gina and I also did a research (and drinking) field trip to Minnesota in February.

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Decided to do a major rewrite after attending the West Cork Literary Festival in July.

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Gina and I holed ourselves up in a log cabin at Murphin Ridge for final editing.

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Just amazing to get feedback from a Rosie Walsh, writer of the international best seller Ghosted. Thank you Rosie!

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Writing a 2 page synopsis of your 80,000 word novel is a lot harder than you think!

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And writing a pitch letter is even harder!

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