Alan Falkingham

Jumping from rocks, emboldened leaps,
Short frozen frames in a life’s long road,
Fears conquered, memories made to keep,
And so it goes. So it goes.

And though of course we all know this cycle,
A moment etched; so infinitely foretold,
It won’t be stolen, nor the devil buy it,
It’s yours and hers to hold.

Exhale for a moment, seize this fraction,
A contribution small, unique yet generations old,
See the flicker of wonder in that fleet reaction,
Gently hardening the mould.

And when you are gone and hollowed empty,
That jump will outlive your reach tenfold,
It is locked away guarded by sentries,
Glowing, burnished gold.

To Abby, Emily and Lindsey
Lake Norris, June 2015